“World-class, as always”
“Award-winning team”

Web designer and digital product agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Harnods is a web designer and digital agency busy designing and building beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences.

Speak with us today on how we can help you design and develop a digital strategy for your business.

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Precisely what you imagined
your project could be, only better. Much better.

Since 2004,

we’ve partnered with
more than 500 brands.

We’re much more than
just a digital agency…

We also fund, launch and grow our own products.
We are open for collaboration, email us at build@harnods.com

What we can do for you or your business


Our design process is about making complex solutions, simple. We combine thoughtful user experience with a clear visual identity.


We bring products to life using latest technologies while focusing on a perfect visual output through clean and maintainable code.

Tech for hire

Finding remote tech team has never been easier. Whether you are looking for a developer, project manager, or designers, we will find you the most suitable candidates for what needs to be built.