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Design, Development

Mitra bisnis Anda.

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Design, Development

FoodieS is a made up of hardcore food enthusiasts in Indonesia. Their curiosity has led them to navigating back alleys for a hidden food stalls or getting dappered for elegant multi-course tastings. If the food is good, you will certainly find them discerning epicureans there.

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Seafood Savers

Design, Development

The idea of Seafood Savers arised from the need to complement the above strategy. Seafood Savers was formed with one main goal which to give appreciation to the fisheries businesses that conduct sustainable practices.

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Design, Development

Live Beautiful

Whatever you sell, there is a big chance we have already designed a project for someone like you.

We have designed, developed and optimized over 500+ ideas with early stage startups. In addition, our list of clients includes some of the most widely respected agencies and well-known enterprise brands.

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