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A Jakarta and Singapore-based web design and development agency

We creates simple, helpful, and remarkable strategic design for global brands and small businesses. We believe in design that speaks for itself.

Harnods is a multi-capable design, development and strategy agency with work ranging from websites, web applications, mobile applications, logos and typography, brand repositioning and corporate identity for domestic and international businesses such as CIFOR, OCBC, Telkomsel, and Sushi Tei.

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  • Flexible and iterative process

    We know from experience that some concepts look great on paper but fail to work in practice. Our extensive experience helps us avoid these pitfalls and work in an iterative way during the whole process.

  • Huge reusable codebase

    All our solutions are custom-made but built on top of our huge library of reusable code. This makes the project faster to develop and more reliable

  • Only in-house developers

    Feel comfortable knowing your development team isn't on the other side of the globe. We have a large team of in-house developers across Jakarta and Yogyakarta who are quick to respond and happy to explain any of the processes during development.

Selected clients and partners

They trust us and we make them look good.

We develop digital products that help broadcasters, entertainment brands and the advertising industry communicate with their online audiences.

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We encourage you to look through the case studies of our recent projects for some examples.

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